My Story So, with my graduation coming to an end, like many I have started applying for jobs and my preparation included from polishing my resume, updating my skills, attending career fairs and applying jobs online. My career counsellors advised me to have an online resume and be active on professional networks. Data Scientist termed as one of the most sexiest profession , I confidently decided to start applying for this position thinking myself as a qualified one !!! Here comes the twist !!! Everytime, I applied for the positions, the roles and responsibilities of a data scientist varied and after a month with no calls, I decided to rather believe the facts than the headlines of the newpapers.

Why this hack?

LinkedIn is most followed professional networking website which made me think that it would be the best platform to visualize the current trends in the profession you are heading towards.This hackathon, I have built a visualization tool to analyze the career trends.


Lets you visualize the locations of the most emerging job postings for your profession Lets you visualize the location where most skills emerge from Lets you understand the trends from the emerging jobs and the skills they are looking for Similarly, the job posters can visualize the place where he can find the pool of talent


Javascript, D3.js, Python, Machine Learning(Latent Dirichlet Allocation to analyze the trends)

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