Inspiration : With increase in demand for ZERO downtime for industrial machineries, the use case focusses on continuously monitoring assets thru sensors for any performance related anomalies and provide real-time preventive maintenance ensuring continuous asset operation

What it does : Predix based IOT solution is capable of building twin of asset in cloud by reading information coming off the Predix Machine attached to the asset, securely sending it to cloud, analyzing its operational and technical parameters, forecasting the possible outage and triggering an event to include a spare asset into the grid, so as to ensure continuous agreed upon output.

How we built :

  • Setup security using predix UAA services
  • Setup proximity sensor to monitor the speed of motors and publish the time series data using extraction engine component deployed in Predix machine container
  • Modelled the Asset sparts master data and stored in predix cloud using asset services
  • Structured the failure incidents and stored in postgres database in predix cloud
  • Stored unstructured CAD diagrams in Predix cloud using Blobstore services
  • Developed and deployed microservices to access machine parts data, manage failure incidents, access CAD diagrams of machine parts from Bobstore
  • Developed python analytical compt to analyse the time-series data in cloud and exposed any observed anamoly
  • Designed and developed Dashboard using predix view services , High charts
  • Designed and developed Incident Management application in mobile using Apche Cordova by integrating the microservices deployed in Predix cloud

Challenges we ran into

  • Data integration to cloud
  • Python Analytical deployment to predix cloud
  • setting up necessary environment for accessing Blobstore data
  • Repeated deployment of apps to cloud

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Make most use of all relevent predix services to cater to IOT solution
  • Time data integration from sensor to cloud
  • Real-time notification will be sent to field engineers along with service ticket
  • Access document artifacts in mobile
  • Invocation of real-time preventive maintenance ensuring continuous asset operation
  • Technical guidance for issues resolution with right analytical component from Predix Analytical catalog

What we learned

Predixfy your solution to enable speedy resolution to use machine data faster and more efficiently, which will result in billions of $ saving

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