What is it? A webpage entitled “Predix Aces” consisting a canvas of gauges interfacing with vehicle sensors providing real-time data for tracking the environmental conditions facilitating safe transport of precious artifacts of various kinds. Vehicle sensors, micro-controllers and a webpage gauging the analysis of data provided by Predix.

Brief description of the application. The webpage entitled “Predix Aces” consists of gauges which interface with the transportation vehicle sensors which provide real-time data for tracking the location and environmental conditions with the intention of facilitating the safe transport of precious artifacts of various kinds.

What problem(s) does it solve? Providing a solution for a safe delivery of artifacts to it's destination.

Problem statement of the application and the logic it will use to solve the problem. Precious artifacts are vulnerable to identified variables of unstable environmental condition such as temperature, humidity and gaseous emissions resulting in accelerated decay or damage resulting in loss of value. By monitoring the conditions in a real-time webpage application the status can be controlled. With the sensors and GPS in the vehicle the real-time warning system can alert driver and company of the condition and location necessity to plan for disruptions that can jeopardize the intended outcome such as the safe delivery of the items transported.

How it works? Real time sensors on the vehicle provide a status and alert mechanism which measure the temperature, humidity and gas emissions of the storage transport content environment. Predix will collect and analyze the sensor data for the webpage in real time providing warning alerts before environmental conditions exceed limits (warning indications including geographical location, movement, temperature, humidity and gas levels).

How does the user interface with the application and what kind of features does it have? Predix will provide data to the webpage enabling the driver and the company to monitor in real time the status of the geographical, movement, environmental variables such as temperature, humidity and gas emissions.

Technologies used? Predix, which is a GE software platform, used for the collection and analysis of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide status and warning in the trucking delivery service for the industrial world.

Describe tech stack that was used to build your application. Brackets (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Git, Node.js, Polymer, Postman, Predix.

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