Querying Data isn’t always easy. You need to connect to a database and write specific queries to find the required data. DataZon will change this traditional way and get rid of the long syntax writing. You can simply ask a chatbot any question by typing or speaking, and you will get the data in seconds; even from your phone. You don’t need special softwares and connectors any more, just type or say a normal question and get formatted answer. Also, you can analyze Data Graphs remotely using the embedded QuickSight Dashboards; also can you can access from your phone. It’s so simple and it provides an easy way to compare the Data over time.

What it does

You can use a chatbot to query the Data. Also, we provide Interactive Visual Graphs to help analyze and compare the data trends over time. You can ask the chat bot questions like? Q1: How many returns were filed in NY 10036. Q2: How many corona cases in Alaska? Q3: How many COVID cases in Italy? Q4: I need to analyze the COVID-19 data?

How I built it

First, I subscribed and requested the IRS & COVID-19 Data from in AWS Data Exchange, and exported the data to AWS S3. Then, I created Aurora Database with MYSQL connectivity and created the necessary tables. Moreover, I inserted the Data from S3 into the tables. Now, I have the Data and can be accessed from AWS QuickSight & AWS Lambda.

** AWS LEX **: I created Intents and defined Utterances with slots for each Intent. Then, I used AWS Lambda to connect to AWS RDS and query the data from Aurora with Lex. When the user ask a question, Lambda take the intent and translate it to a query then send back the response to the user.

** AWS QUICKSIGHTS **: I created analysis for each Data set and used the most appropriate Visuals for the Data. Then, I filtered the necessary visuals and connect all visuals together. Finally, I exported the Dashboards and share it with a group of users.

** AWS-SDK **: I used the sdk to register users and get the embed URL when the user request the link. This was done in Node.js Web App using Express & Express session.

What's next for DataZon

Adding Anomaly or SageMaker to predict Future Events in some Datasets. Also, using Amazon Pay to charge per Dashboard session. Allow the user to upload his Data, and create automated intents with utterances with the respective SQL syntax.

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