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Bizz Search 28.01.2018 ─ Team Name : SpeedDeamons

Members Gurpreet Singh Rahul Goyal Kaushik

Overview Bizz Search is an online platform where people with their business idea’s would be able to get an insight on it. E.g. like if someone is looking to open a coffee house in a region. He would be able to search the already existing coffee houses, the system would help in decide the best position where he should open his coffee shop. The parameters that we have taken into consideration for suggestions are: Close proximity to other coffee houses. The system looks for a place where there is no coffee house or there is a large distance between two. Thus reducing initial competition. The suggestion will also filter based on the proximity to a bus stop or a metro station, which increases the reachability of the shop. It gives suggestion based on places near to college or a university which would attract more crowd, hence giving his business a kick start.

Currently the system takes into consideration the above three parameter to give the best possible locations for his business. Future Goals

We would like to incorporate a whole lot of other components as part of our business data analysis. Like: Like what are the operation hours for other competitors around him. Listing of their products and prices along with their ratings, which would allow the to decide their own menu. Salary of the employees being paid at other stores. What type of neighbourhood is there, language spoken which would help him to have employee which can serve to people of all the community. Age group of the people

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