Primary inspiration to help humanity by assisting decision makers such as government, WHO etc. to channelize their energy in the area where it is most needed at the moment. We have acquired knowledge around Big data through recently completed course from BITS Pilani, India and have intention to utilize learned technology to help humanity.

What it does

The Illuminator has potential to rank the various regions in a country which are more vulnerable to spread of COVID 19 and have lack of resources to cope up with the disease. It will rank the regions in the order from highest to lowest rank. Highest rank means region is more susceptible to spread of disease.

How I built it

The application is in conceptualization so nothing has been built so far. We have submitted the overall idea, design and technology considerations along with benefits and future enhancements in the submitted document. We have been building a prototype.

Challenges I ran into

At the moment only challenge we can see availability of the valid data set. However, Kaggle has provided data set from various countries which can be used to build a prototype.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Initial level conceptualization of the recommendation engine and same time building a system which has potential to support decision makers to deal with COVID19 kind of situation in best possible way.

What I learned

Out of this exercise, we have been learning how to conceptualize a real-time problem and devise a solution for same. Certainly, learning the big data technology at next level to solve real-time problem in hand.

What's next for Prediction

Building a prototype and later will enhance the application to make it more meaningful for the users.

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