Faced problems a lot of times finding ATM where needed and had to move around a lot to withdraw some cash.

Always wanted banks to think before setting up an ATM and not set up just another ATM with a host of other ATMs.

ATMs are usually concentrated at a particular location and not spread out well.

What it does

Predicts if bank should setup an ATM at a location or should not; based on ATMs in and around that area and that area's population density

How I built it

Using node.js, query, express.js, CapitalOne API, ESRI API

Challenges I ran into

Nessie which is CapitalOne's API does not return all ATM locations but just 10 at a time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was our first time using Node.js but we worked hard on it and achieved the desired result.

What I learned

I didn't believe it would be possible to build a good app in 24 hours straight but after coming here and struggling for the same I could do it and learned a lot. Learned how to work on node js and how to integrate maps along with it and perform the desired actions on map.

What's next for Predicting how good is the location for an ATM

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