I was really concerned about people's unawareness regarding the severity of Heart Strokes and can we determine whether one's going to be struck with a Heart Attach. That's the reason I thought of having such an easy-to-use website, which anyone can approach, check their probability of getting struck by a Heart Attack as well as gain information on how can Heart Strokes be prevented.

What it does

This Python, Machine Learning Powered, Model helps the entire community on The Internet to predict the probability of whether they will face a Heart Stroke or they won't. It is not only made with just that purpose, but also to make people aware of what precautions they need to take in order to avoid Heart Strokes.

How we built it

I started off by searching for Database which will be most relevant to my Hack. I knew, I was going to work with ML in Python, so I moved onto searching for all the libraries that I might need for the Hack. I had to search a bit about Flask because it was new for me. Afterwards, I started pre-processing the data and cleaned it, to make it usable for training. Thirdly, I started tinkering around with the Classifiers and Regressors from the Scikit-Learn Module. Then I eliminated those Classifiers and Regressors which were not performing up to mark. Then I moved onto testing all and once I recieved something above my expectations, I dumped my trained model through Pickle. Then I jumped towards making the API, and designed the front-end through HTML and CSS. Then I also included the precautions page as well as the about us page.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was figuring out how to link the ML model to the API, and that was with Pickle. So I learnt to dump a model as well as read it and use it. However, this, greatest, challenge came out to be something really interesting to know.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I could link the ML model to the API and make the website(locally) running. Crucially, I am proud that I could make something that we will be beneficial to the entire society.

What we learned

I learnt about the Python Module "Pickle" as well as deeper into Flask and how to use the requests(GET, POST)

What's next for Pred-Strobability

I actually dream of making Pred-Strobability into a generalized website, which not only gives prediction and precautions for Heart Strokes, but also for other disease, especially those which lead to instant death.

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