I'm very passionate about the healthcare industry. It is a very sensitive industry with new exposure to the technological advances of our time. In my opinion, the reason why the healthcare industry doesn't gain as much exposure is because of the lack of financial backing and motivation for the development of advanced healthcare resources. We require healthcare to survive and advancements would make it easier for societies to move forward.

What it does

My application interacts with the Clarifai API and uses facial recognition to detect very specific patterns like changes in skin pigments, facial expressions and actual injuries present. Using specific tags, my software is able to take certain tags and differentiate their value to determine the ISS Calculation and with help from the AIS priorities.

How I built it

This was built using Objective C, Swift and Clarifai's API.

Challenges I ran into

Training the models to analyze certain qualities was the hardest part, considering that this API requires many more training models to conceptualize all injuries. I was able to train it to recognize certain organs and locations of the human body as more sensitive and prioritize that. However, we'd require much larger sample sizes for better identification.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a successful training model that can understand certain injuries, and combine the injury with the location of it to be able to prioritize the patient.

What I learned

I gained a deeper understanding of the Clarifai api and can operate the GUI much better.

What's next for Precovry

Building a true working application that could potentially be available for use in the near future.

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