Inspiration The inspiration comes when I see a lot of peoples still acting improperly to current situation (COVID-19). Many of them still forgot about this viruses and act like this is nothing, they didn't wash their hand, touching carelessly, etc

What it does With this AR application, we can simulate the event in daily life, what should we do and shouldn't. So people can learn and remember what exactly action should be taken when it comes to prevent contagious of COVID-19. And more importantly, Using AR for training simulation is the one of many ways to do a safe simulation, without being infected from the virus. It can helps other people for keep their self healthy from viruses based on their reaction.

How I built it I'm using one of the common game engine, Unity, and AR Foundation for the AR part. I'm combining the 3D assets and make the simple training simulation. I'm also trying echoAR for 3D cloud services but not fully implemented.

Challenges I ran into I need to find more information about Augmented Reality also do trial and error, sometimes makes me dizzy. Also, this is the first time using echoAR services. Got some problem about the limitation for using it's API, since currently I'm using free version.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of This project actually. Somehow proud that I can be part of "helping others" in this pandemic with my own way. Especially helping medical team to prevent other people being infected. Helping people with Extended Reality technologies are something that really change the views of AR/VR/MR application.

What I learned From this project, I'm more learn new things about AR, how to solve problem, how to adapt to the new things, also more exploring about COVID19 also for my self I'm learning more about what should we do and should't. More exploring some advice for being healthy during this pandemic.

What's next for test project Maybe if I can really continue with this project, I hope can upgrade more simulation regarding COVID19, and maybe will try to do Virtual Reality Training Simulation, so it can be more immersive to do a training.

Built With

  • android
  • arcore
  • arfoundation
  • c#
  • echoar
  • unity-technologies
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