Pre-Vent is a revolutionary innovative application that allows people to vent their feelings using instant anonymous access to video chat with a live person to give them a listening ear in their moment of crisis.According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States and the #1 cause of death among veterans, accounting for over 44,000 people, while nearly 500,000 people visit the emergency room for failed attempts for a cost of 58 billion. None of these statistics account for unreported cases which by all estimations double the cost, both in lives and dollars. In an article by Time magazine, studies done by Dr. Madelyn Gould (Columbia University) have found that about 12% of suicidal callers reported in a follow-up interview that talking to someone on a lifeline prevented them from harming or killing themselves. Almost half followed through with a counselor’s referral to seek emergency services or contacted mental health services, and about 80 percent of suicidal callers say in follow-up interviews that the lifeline has had something to do with keeping them alive. The hope is that adding video to a crisis call will help further reduce these numbers.

What it does

Using our application is simple, yet it is a powerful tool in the fight against depression. Simply open our website and you are assigned a random name or you can make your own. This application is anonymous considering that many callers do not want their name linked to the call. Users are displayed on the left and a simple click on a user will make a call to them. The user can then accept the call, reject the call, or drop the current call they are on to accept the call. Instantly they are connected to the person on the other end to Vent their issues.

How we built it

We used the Cloud9 ide with Javascript, HTML5, and css3. We used a default code that gave us a good base of this application. We used to also implement the video chat. Cloud9 would not allow new users to be added to our project and we had to buddy up to get this code finished.

Challenges we ran into

The EasyRTC and WebRTC API’s did not declare global variables, so we had to do so. Doing so was not easy considering we had over 10,000 lines of code to sort through. We had to program in our IDE with only 3 members of our team due to it no longer allowing new members. We had to rely on computers due to compatibility issues with Android and iOS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to create a peer to peer video connection that allows people to get the help they need. We are so proud that we were able to innovate a current idea to something that will help more people get through their problems.

What we learned

We learned that just because there is sample code on the Internet, it doesn't mean that the code will have declared variables. We had to go through the whole code and debug. After we debugged the code, we were able to create this application to what we wanted. We innovated an idea that will allow people to feel more comfortable talking to people and allowing them to get the face to face experience needed.

What's next for Pre-Vent

In the future, this innovative application will customize the user’s experience when they are in need. They will speak to other peers or they will choose to talk to counselors with no strings attached. Before the video chat starts, they can choose parameters that modifies depending on what they are needing; venting, mental illnesses, etc. Also, able to choose by their own personal experiences; abuse, family death, etc. After the user can customize their experience they are connected to the counselor that meets their parameters. This is not required and will not impede the user’s experience. There will be a chat option added for those users who do not feel comfortable talking but will listen. We will also add support for Android and iOS.

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