1. Inspiration: we want to bulid an pega application which involves all the facilities provided to user in online and so that there work makes easily. "Medicine aims to prevent disease plus prolong life; the idea of medicine is to eliminate the need of a physician.”

2.What it does: Customers can buy the medicines through the application Based on the quantity and course given by the doctor the next purchase date will be calculated and notified to the customer, which makes the customers to maintain the course until he get cured from the diseases. By selecting the illness type the customer can get the medicine details that is used for that particular illness. Customer can also view the description about particular medicines and dosage Information. For example: ILLNESS TYPE MEDICINE NAME Fever - Paracetmol,acetaminophen,aspirin

3.How we built it: By using Pega as platform ,Theme cosmos as a templet and application type as framework (Furture we can do any modifications) then created a journey and divided in to multiple microjourneys ,User stories and created different portols for users,managers,supervisors. in this application the rules used are- 1.Datapages 2.data transform 3.branching 4.Declare Expression 5.Locallization 6.Delegation 7.Accesbility Inspector 8.User Stories 9.User Interface 10.Validations

4.** Challenges we ran into** 1.In this project we have used many third party applications -OTP verification -Real Time Email verification

  1. Application Programming Interface 3.Converting the web application in to mobile application
  2. Usage of responsive breakpoints 5.Storing Of records to database 6.Customising the portals like managers,users 7.Configuration of Routing 8.Gathering Requirements 9.Usage of Rulesets.
  3. Deligation of records for the manager.

5.** Accomplishments that we're proud of**: 1.Customized Login Page 2.Usage of application through mobile 3.Successful usage of real time Email and otp verification 4.customizedChatbot 5.Making application available in different languages by using localization

6.** What we learned** 1.We have came through different concepts and used many real time applications 2.We learnt how a team can work unitedly(Team Work) 3.We came to know that Hardwork and struggles behind the many compaines by doing projects 4.Submission of project within the deadline 5.We learnt responsibilities and commitment towards the work.

7.** What's next for Pre-Cure**

  1. In future we are going to implement the AI that help's the user based on disease the AI will monitor and taking the reports and AI will suggest and giving the notifications of the health care of the user what to eat and how much user need to be fit and it gives some guidelines.
  2. In the Application AI that generate the medical report with verified doctors signatured document will send to respective User mail id .

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