I was always eager for hackathons. A friend of mine sent me this hackathon from Twitter. I was quite eager to participate in this hackathon. I registered two days before the start of the hackathon without a team, once the requirements are shared, I chose App 1 as I thought I could complete it working solo. I was collecting every single requirement asking all my questions in the slack channel and attending almost all the live sessions. Completing this application would gain me more confidence, so I thought winning or losing is not important,I should go ahead and complete the application.

What it does

This is the App1, Pre-Assessment App for FSC certification. This application allows companies to self-assess whether they would qualify for FSC certification. This application uses Forest Stewardship Council data and interacts with Dynamics 365. This application uses a static user for Assessment. The steps in the application are as follows,

  1. Pre Filtering of Applicants The company needs to answer questions for three filters to find out the scenarios which apply to them
    1. Likelihood for Certification This shows whether the company is likely or not likely eligible for remote audit
  2. Digital Checklist The company needs to fill in the digital checklist that is generated based on their scenarios. This includes translation feature which is implemented by Google Translation API.
  3. Risk Analysis The company needs to answer some additional questions
  4. Download sample documents The company can download sample documents to achieve compliance.
  5. Upload compliance data The company should upload documents for their requirements.
  6. Sign Data Sharing and Confidentiality Agreement The company should add a way for contact followed by signing the Data sharing agreement.(Docusign)
  7. Add Site Location on Map The company should add the location of their sites on the map.(ArcGIS API)
  8. Sign Declaration of Authenticity The company should sign the Declaration of Authenticity.(Docusign) ## How I built it

Initially, I started with the documentation and gone thorough Dynamics setup and I was learning how dynamics was working. Once that was done, I implement the solution and data given by FSC. Then I started creating the client application, my choice was Angular. Then, I started adding necessary data to dynamics. I also recorded the user response and stored in the Dynamics by creating a custom solution. I integrated Esri maps for locating the sites. I also integrated Docusign for signing of documents that uses Authorisation Code grant as authentication. And that is how I built it.

Challenges I ran into

I was new to Dynamics and took a lot of time to figure out errors from dynamics. Also, my trial got expired and I lost access to Dynamics, That was quite a mess. I had some confusions with the requirements and I tried to clarify them sooner.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have completely done this Application on my own understanding the requirements of a company, this is completely new to me. I am proud that I have completed the application.

What I learned

I learnt to build a complete application, complete the application on time, Dynamics web API and some communication skills.

What's next for Pre-Assessment-App

Pre-Assessment-App can have authorization feature to maintain user sessions. It can be connected to other two apps.

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