We don't pray nearly enough and we fail to pray for others when we say we will!

As Christians do we really believe that prayer is communication with our Creator and that it changes things? We've learned that many of us have struggled in our prayer lives; not praying enough, failing to pray for others, and a general lack of disbelief in prayer.

We've set out to help our brothers and sisters cultivate this foundational spiritual discipline.

What about new believer's who don't have anyone to pray for them? We've all felt the emptiness and loneliness of knowing and sensing no one is praying for me.

What it does:

PrayerGroups™ provides small, private prayer groups to stay abreast of your prayers and others prayers requests.

Throughout the day, we encourage you to use Prayer Groups App to List your prayers. Bring all your prayers the the Lord!

You can also request supplication from your personal 'Prayer Groups' - who can now join you in prayer.

Finally, provide spiritual help to others, you can respond to 'Prayer Requests', submitted from members in your personal Prayer Groups.

How I built it:

Sketch, Invision. We spent a considerable amount of time in ideation. It was important that we fully understood what we were setting out to accomplish. This allowed us to hone in on our requirements to produce a minimal viable product.

Challenges I ran into:

Ensuring adherence to the original vision. Through our cumulative experience, we have learned that sometimes too many features/options can detract from the overall design of the project - "Less is More".

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

We came into this project with just an IDEA. By the end of our weekend, we had provided the groundwork to an App that we believe will change the world, "One Prayer at a Time"

What I learned:

Front end and back end development languages.

What's next for Prayer Groups:

This is the start of our new ministry - PrayerGroups App.

Consider business development and marketing partnerships to sustain platform (Kendrick Brothers - War Room Prayer App)

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