Pravici TLP allows any organization to create and manage a consortium of complementary business partners

What it does

Organizations like governments and business can establish their own Blockchain consortium with a common asset and a common purpose

Today, most Loyalty Programs are run by commercial business. We will show an example of how the capabilities of a typical Loyalty Program/Platform can be applied to the Public Sector (Like a city transit authority) and how by using a technology (e.g. BC, AI) we can potentially far surpass the impacts of commercial applications.

TLP can help a public sector (government) organization to incentivize the commercial/private sector to achieve beneficial outcomes. This public-private partnership will drive citizen behaviors using Loyalty Points (or Tokens) as currency and the Blockchain as the shared ledger of accounts and token balances.

There are three main types of participants in the Citopia use-case:

1) Issuing company or founder of the program - In this case it could be Citopia city planners or similar entity

2) Partners - Businesses who want to participate in the consortium being founded by Citopia planners

3) Citizens - Lucky citizens of Citopia who will accrue and redeem tokens in the system

There two types of "Promotions" that are leveraged by the city planners of Citopia and the partners who participate in the consortium.

1) Accrual - entities who provide an allocation of tokens to citizens as a reward for performing "desirable" behavior

2) Redemption - entities (typically businesses) that agree to accept Tokens in exchange for goods and services

The system is designed and built to allow continuous improvement in order to eventually someday achieve "Citopia".

The catalysts for the improvement lies in:

• Capture of important information at time of transaction and storing in BC Payload

• Export of important BC data to DW for analysis and actionable insight

How we built it

We built TLP for MGC2 with a proven approach

Namely, start small and quick. Develop and deploy a simple pilot. Take the lessons learned and improve the next release. Iterate.

We feel that the platform we have built today is ready to be deployed by organizations in a variety of use-cases. The Citopia use-case being especially compelling.

Challenges we ran into

How do we explain this?

Since the Pravici team started working with BC and DLT in late 2016, we have seen that the complexity regarding Blockchain and its related technologies is daunting for many. As the technology matures, and professionals more savvy, the benefits of platforms like TLP will become much clearer to the mainstream. We plan to catch that wave of awareness and maturity in the BC space.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Pride goes before the fall ...as my grandmother used to say...but we are very pleased with some of the learning we achieved while setting up and configuring the platform. We are also pleased to have mapped the Citopia use-case, and its important real-world implications, to a solution available in the Pravici TLP Blockchain offering.

What we learned

Loyalty is Loyalty One way to achieve "Citopia" is to modify the citizens behavior to desired activities. Typically, we can modify behavior via incentives. If you compare the characteristics of a corporate Customer Loyalty Program with those of a "Citizen Incentive Program", you will see they are virtually identical. Namely, humans are mostly "coin operated" when it comes to their behavior. Specifically, we learned that we can apply proven Customer Loyalty approaches and incentives to a variety of use-cases. Citopia is a very fitting case indeed.

What's next for Pravici TLP Applied to Citopia Use-Case

Blockchains will fill the air-waves and eagles will observe the beauty of consensus The Pravici TLP Platform can be provisioned today. We are continuing to build for new customers and use-cases. We are enhancing the Platform and are especially excited about the Fabric ETL capabilities currently being developed.

Lastly, for MOBI Citopia, we would be honored to be able to help apply our software to help solve real-world problems for our fellow humans.

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