Brief Ideation:

  • Changing lifestyle has acutely affected the physical and mental health of everyone. Not only professionals but the younger generation is also facing huge health issues which may further lead to degraded immunity and serious health issues. The circumstances developed during the pandemic, such as increased screen time and staying indoor for most of the time has further worsened the scenario.
  • The best solution to overcome all the health disorders be it physical or mental is Yoga and Meditation. Not only are these techniques scientifically and philosophically proven but also it has got massive support from the side of government as well.
  • So we have planned to help out the people inculcate this in their schedule in a very interactive manner by using technologies like AR, AI/ML. Not everyone can go to yoga classes to learn accurate postures and benefits, so we have something for everyone!
  • The plan is to teach correct yoga poses with the help of virtual AR trainer and then to detect the accuracy of the poses done by the person using the ML model. For the purpose of meditation AI would be used to detect the concentration of the person.
  • Also, the user would enter his personal sentiments which would then be classified into optimistic or pessimistic approach so that he may feel a little lighter and is aware of his state of mind. The records would be kept for his future reference so that he may look back at all the dark and bright phases he passed through and gain strength from within. Also, a chat bot would be provided to have a track of user’s mental health timely.

Problem statement

  • WHO report says that one in every 4 people would suffer from mental disorder at some point of time in his life. Sometimes the mental disorders start with very common assumptions and if this is not taken into consideration the issue may be as serious as being depressed or committing suicide. The right thing which needs to be done here is self evaluation and exploration to feel and enhance the positive vibes within and in the surrounding. Now this can be done only by continuous practice of meditation in a right direction but most of the time people are unaware of this and ignore this in the very beginning, eventually succumbing to pessimism. Apart from mental health, physical health is also degrading day by day. Continuous work hours, tremendously increasing screen time and lack of physical activities in the routine have made people obsessed and unhealthy. Yoga no doubt proves to be the best solution to take care of all the parts and organs along with providing the lubricity and flexibility to the body. But all of these are helpful only when done in continuation and in the correct manner. All what is required is a little bit of effort for a healthy lifestyle.
  • The problems pertaining to mental and physical health are extremely important to be dealt with for larger benefit of the society. A healthy person is the one who is physically as well as mentally fit. The earlier the people understand the benefit and necessity of a healthy lifestyle the better it would be for the growth of community. The degrading health of newer generation due to the changing lifestyle is of no-good keeping in mind the future of the society. And as rightly said a few minutes of yoga and meditation in a day can change your complete lifestyle and thought process. Everyone agrees that in the prevailing circumstances these are the major threats being faced by everyone and they need to overcome these problems in order to abide by Darwin’s theory – Survival of the fittest.

Brief Solution

Pratibimb (Meaning- Your Reflection) Pratibimb is developed with an aim to help out the people in their daily yoga and meditation schedule with proper guidance, records and competence. Also the application aims to make the users aware of their thought process and help them in their self-evaluation.

  • Yogic: The feature is designed to help you out with your yogic postures with the help of virtual AR trainer and tell you your accuracy and progress on the basis of ML model. AR trainer will help you learn correct poses at the comfort of your home while the accuracy detection with the help of machine learning model will help you out in improving your postures in the right manner.
  • MediCon (Meditation+Concentration): The feature aims to enhance your meditation quality with the help of artificial intelligence. Professional meditational videos would be provided which will help you meditate in the right manner while realtime concentration detection would take place and you will be provided with the analysis report for improvement.
  • PerceptUs (Our perception): PerceptUs uses AI/ML to figure out your perception of looking at events happening in your life. It could also be used as a record diary which could be referred any time to see the optimistic and pessimistic phases in your life. You are required to enter your thoughts of the day and using the ML Model it will be classified whether its optimistic or depressed. Also the feature is accompanied by a bot to help you figure out your mental health in the basis of questions you answer.


  • Currently existing healthcare applications have not yet inculcated yoga training with the help of augmented reality. Pratibimb not only provides yoga training but also detects the correctness of a pose which fulfils the need of going to any yoga training classes. The application is easy to use and beginner friendly, and is definitely a unique innovative approach for the existing problem.
  • Keeping track of all the meditational records and guiding for future improvement along with analysing the daily data is also a newer approach to solve the mental health problems. The bot provided by azure is accompanied by analysis of your sentiments on the basis of your perception of looking at an event, which is again a novel solution especially for people who want to devote quality time for themselves.
  • We, team Pratibimb feel that our proposed solution is an effective and interactive way to improve the quality of lifestyle with the help of regular yoga and meditation. Also maintaining a proper record along with the analytical data is also important to see the progress of the user and promote them to increase their accuracy and time. If selected for the next round we would have the opportunity to connect with the mentors and receive proper guidance to sharpen the idea and fix the loop holes which we might have missed. Working upon the solution in an effective manner is what we hope to do in the next round.

Impact and scalability

  • The solution is definitely impactful and is applicable for the entire country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has supported and promoted yoga at a high scale and with a tremendous speed, not only have the people understood it’s importance but millions of people have inculcated this in their life style.
  • Hence, an application supporting this idea and helping the entire society improve their health is impactful indeed.
  • Adding, the application has something for everybody whatever be the age group, gender or race and therefore with such a huge target audience the application is no doubt influential.
  • Moving towards the scalability, web applications are generally regarded as a scalable solution due to easy deployment and maintenance. Apart from being a web platform Pratibimb also makes use of cloud-based ML models which are scalable enough for the use case of a real-time application.

Potential roadblocks

  • One of the major roadblocks for this solution is that we need to have professional yoga trainers for training the ML model accurately. So that the calculation of accuracy could be precise enough for the users.
  • For the prototype we’ve trained the model ourselves for a simple pose, but in real-time the application would need professional yoga trainers to make the models work correctly.
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