A regular habit of recognizing employees benefits morale, team culture, and employee development. There should be a fun and visual way for employees to give each other positive feedback and who doesn’t like a digital pat on the back?

With the introduction of new workspace templates and item views, there are more ways to do things in monday now more than ever. Praises redefine the way how teams can recognize and celebrate great talent in your organization with the help of already loving monday feautures.

What it does

Praises is a 100% app that helps you to celebrate and recognize great talent in your organization. It comes with an all inclusive "Praises" workspace template, a board view and an item view widget to help teams recognize talent. All monday teams can get the benefit of Praises regardless of the field they are working on. Anyone can easily integrate Praises to their workspace within a few seconds. All of your praises and their comments are stored within the Praises monday board and they do not transfer or store anywhere else ensuring your data is 100% safe.

With Praises you'll get a,

Praise Wall Anyone in your team can see who has given and received praises from each other. Teammates can like and write comments on praises making it more interactive.

Badge Manager If you don't find a suitable badge for your praise, you can easily create new ones with custom names and images. All are stored within your board.

Fun and enjoyable team Praises offers a fun and visual way for employees to give each other positive feedback.

Following are the key features of Praises,

Praise Wall: Teammates can view and engage with all praises from one place.

Badge Management: Create new badges with custom images, titles and colors to reflect your company values.

Custom Teams: Create multiple Praising teams with different teammates.

Comments & Likes: Make it enjoyable via comments with gifs, emojis and likes.

Custom Search: Search for specific badges, people through inbuilt monday search.

App Independency: Even if you uninstall Praises, the data will be still accessible.

Access Management: Ability to set multiple admins for Praises.

Data Security: All Praises, comments and likes are stored within monday board.

How I built it

Praises was built using React. The Ant Design library was used to create most of the custom UI components in Praises and styles were overridden to match with monday design guidelines. With the support of inbuilt monday JS SDK and GraphQL APIs, I was able to query data from front-end.

Before integrating with monday APIs, all the UIs were created locally and tested statically to reduce development times. Being the sole developer, it took me around 2 weeks to complete and finish the entire application.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was to find the correct chemistry between different features like board view, item view and workspace templates. After few trials I was able to find a correct match between those features to make a perfect user experience.

From the start, my main goal was to utilize only the monday board to store all praises and their comments. I did not use the storage APIs either, which makes data dependent with the application. Finding this perfect formula took some time and finally all praises were stored as new items on the board.

All the badges are stored within the board inside a group called "Badges". Users can create and update badges which will ultimately change the items of "Badges" group. Uploading a new badge image from the browser was a challenge since the file upload API end point has a CORS error. Therefore, for the time being I had to create a middleware API to upload the badge images to the board which resolves the CORS issue.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

While starting the implementation, I had a picture in my mind about how the final app should look like. At the end, I was able to make it a reality. Also, I found a perfect combination of monday features to create a rich user experience. A separate website was built to market the application and proud about the things I was able to achieve within this short period of time being a solo developer.

What's next

Features like dark mode support, real-time updates were not able to add due to the limited time and I'm hoping to add these in the future. Also, I'm open for user feedback and Praises will improve further with time.

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