PAC Members have to perform a lot of work when each company comes and make google forms for getting pointers and other details of all the students and then they have to verify all the details entered by the students and then again a special mail is sent to all eligible students to tell them about the various rounds and their dates and times when test would be held. This is a very time consuming proccess and we have made it a lot more easy and comfortable.

What it does

Students are notified when any company comes for intern or placements and they have to reply back if they are interested for that company or not in terms of Yes or No. The app itself verifies all details entered by the students and placement co-ordinators and invites only the eligible students.

How I built it

I have built it using Android Studio and a back-end technology PHP and the local server has been setup using XAMPP software.

Challenges I ran into

Server setup and

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Really learnt a lot and that's what i am proud of.

What I learned

PHP and setting up a server. I learned PHP language and setting up server for the first time and also realized the importance of TEAMWORK.

What's next for PrAdiTin

An app for the placement coordinators needs to be developed yet. Basically the idea was to make 2 apps . One for the PAC members(ones sending data to the clients using server) and other for the students applying for jobs or internships(clients).

Built With

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