Problem Statement Healthcare providers need the opportunity to gain insight and learn from each other (clinical best practices, disaster preparedness, infection control). The result would need to overcome language and culture barriers.

Inspiration Looking to a company that fosters a successful culture of sharing and exchanging - we see AirBnB founder Joe Gebbia speak on a way to address this: “To be successful, sharing platforms need creativity on all sides. Crucially, this type of creativity depends on freedom and responsibility. Open dialogue, a “best ideas wins culture” and a willingness to “give before you get” are all necessary to maximize opportunities for creativity. A mission-driven, flat, and inclusive culture is therefore vital."

Inspired by this idea, Practice-Xchange seeks to create a safe environment to foster trust and collaboration between health centers by housing its platform under the reputable Americares brand. Medical practitioners from Americares' network of healthcare centers can join the community.

Practice-Xchange ( allows users to:**

  • access all posts in multiple languages via translation API
  • post both questions and insights to the community
  • clap for their peers’ insights, upvote the most relevant, globally helpful information, and discuss topics raised through the comments section.

How we built it: We took inspiration from information exchange platforms like Medium, Product hunt, and Reddit to develop our user flows and sitemap and then dove into developing the UI/front-end and the back-end simultaneously.

We chose to build a mobile application using the Flutter software development kit and Firebase authentication and real time cloud hosted database to store our user generated data.

Challenges we ran into: Landing on a problem/idea to solve and learning to move forward even though we don't have all a full picture of the need or problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We learned a new tool - Supernova - to speed up our design to the development process! We learned how to leverage GCP cloud products to develop our solutions.

What we learned: Learning how to cross-collaborate with developers (Rachel, UX/UI Designer) Iterating and user feedback to kill bad ideas quickly.

What's next for practice-Xchange: When it comes to a platform of sharing ideas, it brings up the concern of trust when interacting between strangers. A medical practitioner that we spoke to in India shared that there is a concern about legal issues and tarnish his hospital's reputation if the practices they share did not work out. We created the product assuming that the Americares brand and the exclusivity to professional medical practitioners would be enough to encourage collaboration and exchange of information. We also assume that each health center will know well enough not to share those practices that could possibly hurt their institutions' reputation.

It would be beneficial to interview and test this platform with real medical practitioners across the globe to test these assumptions and identify opportunities to address the concerns of trust. If users connect with the product we hope to build on the product based on their feedback and build-in more language APIs to make this accessible to more global users. The product development will continue to enhance product capabilities.

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