Inspiration I belongs from a tier 3 college because of this i am facing this problem in my college my collage not provide us any types of practical knowledge the whole year we are learn only about how to pass exam how to write in exam i am a electronics student i want to build any robotics project or many things but with the knowledge which college provide i am not able to solve any simple circuit problem for solve this problem i am try to find many dead electronics machines for learn how it run .

in the website college neighbors will add their old defective electronics & mechanical products and if the owner want to sell that product they will sell that for the deserve value and if they want to get it repaired they will give that to the students and students try to repair that with their theoretical knowledge and with this process they are gradually improve their practical knowledge.

it is a website we can build with the knowledge of web development.

the first challenge is for us how we can reach from every student who wants that it is also a main challenge

in the current situation we haven't any accomplishment but it a tried product .

the best thing about this project we are learn that how to use garbage as a gold .we can learn with the dead or defect electronics or mechanical product

practical knowledge hub application it is our next plan.

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