Safeguard city using Airline staff

Problem Statement Airline industry across India has deployed massive workforce in different cities. In cities like Delhi, society is struggling against, crime against women. As responsible people, Airlines can provide great backbone and voluntary contributions towards safety of city and citizens.

Inspiration & Idea

Generally, the attacks on women happen in areas, where there is no internet connectivity and no mobile service available. Thus, it would be very helpful if the distress/SOS messages are conveyed to desired authorities even without any of the network available nearby. These areas can be identified as remote locations. Hence, we aim to employ “Beacon Frame ” to communicate distress/SOS messages. We hope that this innovative approach towards being able to send Beacon Frame can certainly help curb the women violence. The Airline industry can be the initiator and power this new idea to help achieve the goal that it is focused upon.

How we built it

Brief Description of our workflow : link

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we ran into was to transmit the signal in areas with no Internet or mobile networks. To solve the problem we analysed various solutions using Fast Fourier Transform over sound waves, Bluetooth Technology ,etc. but they were unable to help our use cases and hence we came up with ingenious solution using Beacon Frames

What's next for Prabhaav

  1. Large Scale Adoption a. Adoption by other Airlines b. Commercial Applications with large User Base c. Enforcement by Government Authorities
  2. Triggers for the SOS can be varied: a. Widget b. Biometric (eg. fingerprint) c. Voice Recognition d. Accelerometer (phone is thrown away) e. Wearable Accessories

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