Brilliant Bus Display | Junction 2017


Today transport needs a re-integration by implementing new technologies in its work. In the Internet era we have more and more tasks that need to be solved. The main challenge of our team is to make a transport screens more efficient and informative. We have tried to use provided information as effective as possible to reach a maximum result.

That is why we introducing an User Interface for transport based on Web-application.

Project structure include:

  1. Front-end part (HTML5,CSS3,JS),
  2. Back-end part (PHP 7, node js),
  3. Admin panel, to control the data on the display.

System allows to get a data from CAN BUS, so driver can always follow the bus system conditions.

#### Front-end on the display:


#### Admin panel: The control panel in our application is used to help a bus driver to change a route and bus info. Also we added special feature that helps driver to add a special offers which will be showed in routing screen.


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