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We are inspired by giving developers more insight into the projects they work on. Sometimes, working as a team requires a consensus - because everything has to be managed at a repository level rather than a contributor level.

We figured that some developers wanted to get insight and consume this in their own way. So, our tool enables developers to get insight on a repository, and contribute their own categorization to it - with the option of this being private.

You could think of it as like “private tags”.

What it does

PR Visualiser allows you to pull all PRs from a public github repository. It allows you to create groups, and add these groups to your chosen PRs. This creates a categorization that is separate from github, and so allows individual developers to group items without modifying the repository.

How we built it

Built with React, Material UI, Github API v3.

Challenges we ran into

  • We initially wanted to make a full repository explorer but after the first sprint we realised it was not possible in the time. So we had to scale our idea back. This unfortunately sent us back to the drawing table because we wanted to ensure that the team was still motivated and challenged in this new product rather than the old product.

  • Collaboration across EST, IST and UK Time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to deploy a working app to azure and let our friends play with it. And achieving group functionality in one night :P

What we learned

We learnt together more about React best practices. We also note that it is good to stick with regular working times (even if this across multiple timezones) and have a clear plan for the team.

What's next for PR Visualiser

  • Create it as a hosted service so that people can use and share the app online
  • Automated tests
  • Adding GitHub Authentication, so user can save his groups.
  • Adding links and feature to store, various PRs.
  • Lot of work on improving the UI.
  • Adding Database for smoother communication and groups.
  • Adding Search by tag Feature
  • Making it more User-Experience riched and friendly.

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