The inspiration to build the PR Challenge for Jira came from our team's need to streamline the review process while encouraging collaboration and engagement. We saw a disconnect between the tediousness of formal pull request review and its critical importance in development workflows. We wanted to create an app that made thoughts faster and more efficient and allowed teams to have fun through gamification. PR Challenge for Jira provides users with the tools to make this possible by tracking pull requests, incentivizing participation, and allowing teams to compete. It's designed to make the review process faster, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

What it does

This app connects to your Bitbucket account to track pull requests and reviews and then gamifying the process. Each time users complete a pull request, they can be rewarded with points based on their contributions, which can be exchanged for rewards. At the same time, teams can also set challenges and milestones with associated rewards that they can complete. This allows teams to collaborate and work together more efficiently while enjoying the process.

How we built it

We integrated the Bitbucket repository token into Jira to allow teams to integrate their existing repositories into the PR Challenge workflow easily. This allowed us to track pull requests and reviews on Bitbucket in real-time, which encourages collaboration between team members and speeds up development time.

With the PR Challenge, users can create races where they can specify which pull requests will be included in the race, who will be reviewing them, how many reviewers each pull request should have assigned to it, and whether one user should review multiple pull requests or multiple users should check one pull request. We then use this information to generate a score for each reviewer based on how well they reviewed each pull request.

The PR Challenge also implements leaderboards that rank all participants by their scores for added motivation and recognition.

Lastly, we implemented analytics capabilities so teams can view insights about their code review process, such as average time spent per review, number of comments per review, etc. These features create an enjoyable code review experience that emphasizes team members' collaboration while maintaining security standards.

Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges we ran into while developing PR Challenge for Jira was the effort involved in calculating the quality and action of a reviewer's work. We had to devise a unique algorithm that would accurately measure both factors and represent each user's performance. This was especially difficult when a single pull request could have multiple reviewers, as we had to devise a way to measure each reviewer's performance within the entire review process. Additionally, we wanted to ensure that our measurements were fair and unbiased, so we put extra care into avoiding any potential bias when weighing specific data points.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of successfully creating the innovative PR Challenge app for Jira, which makes reviewing pull requests more engaging by gamifying the process. Our unique algorithm was thoroughly tested to ensure an unbiased and fair result while at the same time providing a user-friendly experience. Since implementing this app into their processes, we have seen remarkable improvements in our development team's performance and collaboration. Additionally, our team delivered the app on time for the hackathon, meeting our deadline with precision and dedication.

The PR Challenge app has enabled teams to review pull requests in a fun and competitive atmosphere without losing its effectiveness. The algorithm carefully balances all parameters to create an equal playing field for all users, ensuring everyone can win without resorting to excessive competition or unfair advantages. This allows teams to collaborate more efficiently by providing feedback promptly without compromising any of its quality standards. Furthermore, the app's intuitive design is simple enough to use that even newcomers can quickly get up to speed.

In conclusion, we are proud of creating a successful piece of software that helps teams make reviewing pull requests much more engaging and efficient by gamifying the process through our innovative PR Challenge app for Jira. With its unbeatable combination of features such as fairness, user-friendliness, and reliability, this app is sure to improve team performance significantly while still keeping it entertaining!

What we learned

We learned a lot while building the app PR Challenge for Jira. Firstly, it was essential to have a well-defined product goal with specific objectives that everyone on the team agreed on and could work towards. To succeed in its mission, it is vital to have an unbiased algorithm, user experience, and other aspects of the app. Additionally, ensuring the app had enough gamification to be enjoyable to use but not excessive or distracting from the primary goal of reviewing pull requests was essential. Finally, we needed to manage our time effectively to deliver the app on time for the hackathon.

To achieve these goals, we had to research how Jira and Bitbucket worked together and what features would best facilitate collaboration and a faster development process. We then brainstormed different ideas to gamify the review process on both platforms to make it more engaging for teams. Through this process, we also considered feedback from users who tested out our early versions of the app. To ensure an unbiased algorithm, we conducted multiple tests with different sets of data and ensured all results were consistent to build trust amongst users. Lastly, as time management is critical when developing applications such as this one, we meticulously planned out our timeline, including milestones with realistic deadlines, to ensure successful delivery on time for the hackathon.

Overall, developing PR Challenge for Jira taught us invaluable lessons about product management, user experience design, algorithmic accuracy, and effective team coordination which will be very helpful when creating future products or applications.

What's next for PR Challenge for Jira

The next step for the PR Challenge for the Jira application is to further refine and optimize it for Jira Cloud. We plan to add features such as:

  • Ability to track team performance, such as time savings, quality of code reviews, and number of accepted pull requests;
  • Data insights into the pull request process so teams can identify areas of improvement;
  • Automated feedback loops that make it easier for developers to provide meaningful input on the code;
  • Integration with existing tools like Slack or GitHub to help keep communication flowing between developers and reviewers.

Additionally, we plan on adding AI capabilities to the app PR Challenge for Jira. This feature will help users reduce complexity by using machine learning algorithms to automate specific tasks that are otherwise cumbersome or time-consuming. AI capabilities could include auto-suggestions for reviewers based on past code reviews, providing automated feedback on code quality, and automating manual processes like setting up environments and performing cleanups.

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