We were inspired to make Pr|App|ared because emergency preparedness is frequently overlooked in our society. Sharing this software and information with the community can draw awareness for sustainable lifestyles and potentially save lives.

What it does

Pr|App|ared is highly creative app where you can select common items from a list and be given recipes for tools that can be created. The app is mainly focused for emergency situations such as making fire to stay warm, water filtration, and first aid.

How we built it

Our app was built with help of Android-Studio, using Java as the main language.

Challenges we ran into

Our unfamiliarity with Android Studio caused many setbacks. Most of our team had very limited Java knowledge, so refreshing the group and having everyone learn Android Studio were the hardest things we had to overcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all finished this project with a basic understanding of Android Studio. Also, two of our members are here for their first ever Hackathon. Even with half our team being inexperienced, we are mostly proud of the fact that our app is functional in the ~20 hours we worked on it.

What we learned

We learned a basic understanding of Android Studio, a better understanding of Java, and what it’s like to work in a team meant for developing software.

What's next for Pr|App|ared

Working out Recipe descriptions and making the Recipe button on the main menu functional. Adding new materials and recipes could definitely be a goal for the future as well.

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