Our story

Stories of wars on mouth masks, doubling patients on air ventilators due to the lack of supply, patients not seeing their relatives as a result of PPE shortages are across the news. Factories are re-purposing their machines and new businesses start producing medical supplies to overcome shortages on air ventilators, masks, etc.

Products are bought without proper testing and medical facilities spend a lot of time and effort in validating new suppliers. Checking if pictures match the received box and product, whether certificates are valid, prices fall within the budget, etc. Buyers also have short decision-making time frames, need to deal with unfamiliar trade barriers, and often new governmental regulation on distribution.

Others stakeholders in the medical product supply chain are also experiencing difficulties. Doctors would like higher levels of evidence that the expert reviews they are now getting when using new materials. Distributors mentioned the issues suppliers are having with getting any type of certification. New suppliers find it difficult to get any feedback from hospitals about their new inventions.

PplCert validates medical products made by new suppliers through reviews by trusted users. The marketplace gives an insight on product quality, supplier reliability, user experience, and the overall market by crowd-sourcing data.

What's next for PplCert

Research challenge with all stakeholders of the medical supply chain sector to build value proposition. We're looking to speak with:

  • Product buyers and associations
  • Medical personnel of hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics
  • (Non) certified product suppliers
  • Government officials and PPP initiatives
  • Notifying bodies and science publishers

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Winning HacktheCrisisNL in the Logistics and Supply Chain category --> https://www.hackthecrisis.nl/en/

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