We were inspired by the system used by Ebay and Amazon in which they use stickers to facilitate shipping.

What it does

Our site features a list of participating medical centers that are in dire need of PPE for their workers. Hospitals can join the program on their, or our request (if they accept the offer) and are able to be added to the network in minutes allowing for rapid expansion of the site. Based on intermittent surveys completed by participating hospitals, an algorithm calculates the hospitals in the most need and on our homepage and organizes them into a simple chart with the highest priority hospitals at the top. This chart is continually being updated so users can see the most recent information on where the most donations are needed. By simply clicking on the medical center you’d like to donate to, you will be prompted to print a pre-made shipping label. Some medical centers don’t accept donations, and many that need the most help are far away from those who’d like to donate.

How we built it

We used Node.js for backend, constructing a simple Restful api which serves all our pages and necessary data.

Challenges we ran into

Infrastructure constraints with our project idea, since most hospitals don't publicly list PPE supply counts. Also just general design, trying to make a stable and somewhat dynamic system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have been able to make a working prototype as well as being able to complete the hackathon as this is our first hackathon that we have attended.

What we learned

That we need to establish connections to hospitals and organizations in order to get the data necessary for ranking.

What's next for PPEPortal

Finish the site and ranking process, and establish connections to allow us to receive data (Like PPE reserves) from hospitals and organizations.

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