As a result of a blood transfusion at birth at Cedars-Sinai medical center in Los Angeles in 1982. Alex Ghaffari has been HIV-positive his entire life. He has been on social dating sites for people living with HIV for the past 10 years. He knows what is missing from the community and that is connecting with others in the same and making it fun at no cost. POZ SOCIAL will be launching in 2016 Is social service and is an alternative dating app. The founder has lived with HIV for the last 34 years and I know how hard and difficult dating with HIV can be

What it does

•This is a platform that allows people living with HIV to not feel alone. •Giving people living with HIV the freedom of the social interaction Safe environment to be open about their condition •Creating a source of belonging to individuals affected with HIV

How I built it

Doing this on very limited funds I used a platform called Fiverr where I found a developer. I am one month away from launching POZ SOCIAL into the App Store

Challenges I ran into

Delays with developer and seeking capital. Three months ago I put this on then blasted the link everywhere. Very few donated but I built a team that is now helping me make this into a reality. Challenges getting the backing of others and also protecting my intellectual property which I have received help from the California Lawyers for the Arts.

Accomplishments that

I'm proud of to have been apart of two Los Angeles Times articles entitled the "Forgotten Ones" and "Never A Day Without HIV" and have became a advocate for people living with HIV. I survived a horrible ordeal. 200 babies received HIV prior to the Elisa test being approved only 4 survived and I am thankfully one of those 4. I have been given the greatest gift anybody could ever ask for and that his time. It is my duty as a survivor to get back. I asked for help from my politicians but nobody helped this led me to becoming an advocate for others who could not speak up. Which pushed me towards creating Poz Social.

What I learned

Nothing happens overnight it takes time dedication and networking. If you're not making someone else's life better you're wasting your time.

What's next for POZ SOCIAL

POZ Social is revolutionizing how free HIV dating apps work. It is a speed dating app who are always on the go and don't have time to browse through other dating apps it is the best dating app for people affected by HIV. Expertise and stability highly knowledgeable workforce skilled labor technologies high-level standard technology. Performance flexibility scalability reliability

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