My friend (female) started an interior design/renovation business and we discovered that she would have a large market for single women or women who live alone, as they would feel safer with a female entering their house and working on designing it.

What it does

With PowHER&support, women have the ability to find safe and reliable females in the workplace to conduct services in their homes. Women who live alone can sometimes feel uncomfortable by the idea of letting any stranger into their home, so by using PowHER&support we ensure the safety of all users. The services available on PowHER&support range from finding women in the trades, locating local female-run businesses, and even a search engine for women to find essential discounted female products near them.

How we built it

We built the mock-up of the website using Figma to show all the complex and fully developed features. We started coding the actual website using the languages HTML and CSS on the platform Brackets.

Challenges we ran into

Coming into HackViolet with basic programming knowledge and no prior experience with website development, the entire HTML/CSS coding part was a struggle. We spent significant time going back and forth between our Figma prototype and HTML/CSS webpage to try to make them as similar as possible, and simplifying many of the features to fit our skill level.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud that we managed to build an entire website mockup and many of the components of a coded webpage, considering our zero experience with website development. Every team member was able to learn a new skill from one another, and we all made new friends!

What we learned

The entire team collaboratively learnt how to make a webpage with HTML&CSS and how to maneuver Figma. We also definitely learned the importance of time management and working through debugging code carefully and thoroughly.

What's next for powHER&support

In the near future, we plan to develop all the features of our website completely with HTML&CSS. We also want to add a Google Maps feature where users can see the services available near them. After a successful launch and continued usage of our website we want to develop a mobile app, so users can have easy access to PowHER&support wherever they are.

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