The Quest to enable adoption of Renewables sources and leveraging Predix Platform to do the same motivated us to conceptualize and ideate a solution which addresses adoption, transmission,optimization and maximization of power and smart contract with consumer

What it does

The application is a single platform to enable residential and commercial owners to adopt renewables energy source systems reducing carbon emissions but also optimize production and maximize savings/profitability by trading power at higher market rates.

As user enters location application analysis the geographical data application calculates the throughput for the entire year for both solar and wind sources. The application also sets up a smart contract between Power seller and grid owners using Hyperledger Blockchain service to minimize any disputes. Application logs every transaction i.e sold to Grid to blockchain.

To optimize the throught application monitors data radiations, light through sensors at real time detect if panel is not performing optimally.

How we built it

Application uses geographical data to make throughput predictions for the location for both solar panel and wind turbines.

With Intel provided Solar panels which is connected to Intel Nuc. Using Predix Developer Kit we have are sending the data to Predix Timeseries instance Application analyses the Voltage and Current produced and current market rate to make maximum profitability. Also the light sensor help analyze the current performance of an application

Challenges we ran into

getting amp and light values

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Connecting with solar panel and making decision at real time to sell to grid.

What we learned

Predix Developer Kit

What's next for PowerVista

PowerVista could be a one stop for anyone who wants to adopts renewable energy.

Built With

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