UiPath PowerUp Automation


Check the config sheet shared in Data Folder updated with Settings and Constant variables.

Please be noted file Naming convention should not be changed. if needed, please change and update the same in Config

[] Task List and Project Details are placed in Data\Input\TaskList.xlsx [] Status report data placed in Data\Input\StatusList.xlsx [] Blank notepad helps to extract column data from sheet posted in Data\Input\ExtractColumnData.xlsx

Adhoc requirement pdf file is placed in Data\Input\AdhocRequirement_*.pdf (eg:AdhocRequirement_AD2323.pdf)

Once details are read and executed, File is moved to Data\Input\AdHoc Folder

Adhoc requirement details are written from PDF to excel in Data\Output\AdhocRequirement.xlsx

Open the main.xaml and run it.

Built With

  • uipath-activities
  • msexcel
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