Industry leaders in the utility-scale renewables business lack a way to quickly simulate the production potential of potential future projects! Current methods require expensive and messy software packages This takes valuable time away from engineers who have to put together estimates Current tools are not easily accessible to consumers

What it does

We offer people in industry the ability to receive a quote request from a customer, quickly meet with an engineering team, and return meaningful estimates to customers in minutes - not days We offer “off grid” consumers interested in setting up their own renewable sources the ability to calculate the capacity of their systems

How we built it

We prototyped our code with C++ as a terminal program in XCode and then we translated our code into Swift to develop an iOS app

Challenges we ran into

Managing multiple view controllers, developing solid algorithms that deliver accurate results

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing a visually beautiful UI, having a product that fully works in its current state

What we learned

The Swift language, managing multiple view controllers

What's next for PowerUp

Ability to automatically obtain the user’s current location for latitude and longitude Developers who are “on site” can use this to automatically fill in their location Ability to change revenue and CO2 estimates Currently based on national averages, would like to allow the user to choose the location, and we’ll pull the information from a data set More accurate data for more accurate estimates We currently use sunlight irradiance and wind speed information from online datasets, but we’d like more accurate data

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