This is a site made from scratch using React. The algorithm that scores people is in the video as a screenshot of our codebase. Our Github is: Everything is linked to a database in Firebase that we sent GET, POST, & PUT requests to each collection/document endpoint for getting, adding, or updating new data for each user & post.


In the male-dominated world of startups, many female founders and entrepreneurs ask the same question: “But what if I’m not taken seriously by investors?”

This question is not uncommon for a reason. According to Harvard Business Review and Pitchbook, in 2018, only 3% of venture capital in the U.S. went towards companies led by a female CEO. No wonder 55% of women second-guess their decision to start a business. Talented, driven women across the world face the same dilemma of doubting their abilities to successfully lead and pitch their ideas due to inherent bias in the VC industry.

As female founders ourselves, we’ve known these feelings all too well and decided to come up with solution that helps women regain their momentum in the startup world. It’s time we start investing in female start-ups, or in other words, a better future.

What it does:

Powerpose is a web app that allows women and non-binary folks to dive into the world of startups and VC by connecting them with other female investors. Each user fills out a short questionnaire, and we immediately match them based on a score. Users can save best matches with our CRM system to further track relations with them down the line.

We break down the barriers between changemakers and investors to make ideas come to life through a special matchmaking algorithm. This allows women to foster a meaningful relationship with their investor and empowers them to take their idea to the next level. Additionally, we provide women with access to an incredible community of fellow female entrepreneurs and mentors and an array of resources and opportunities in our community channel.

We’re here to bridge the gender gap in startup funding and equity, one connection at a time. Don’t be a stranger, and come Powerpose!

How we built it:

We built the front-end side using HTML/CSS/JavaScript and React. For the back-end side, we used Firebase, Node.js, and SASS. We used Figma to design our layouts and coded them from scratch.

Challenges we ran into:

We’re a team of only two people who met two days into the Hackathon and decided to pair up. It wasn’t easy building a functional site purely from scratch within a short couple days especially while having classes, but it was a rewarding learning experience.

Accomplishments we’re proud of:

We’re proud of creating a web application with an algorithm that matches investors to owners and allows them to forge meaningful connections. Despite having classes and other work, we were able to have an amazing time and create this project that addresses an issue near and dear to our hearts.

For one of our team members, it’s her first hackathon as an official college student, and she had a great time meeting other people and working on this project.

What we learned:

We learned about design-thinking through the workshop with NCR and using Figma to map out our design ideas before transferring them into code. Additionally, we were able to leverage our personal strengths, both creative and analytical, to develop a unique solution for the problem we identified. Communication and teamwork was key to making our idea into a reality.

What’s next:

In the future, we hope to give owners using Powerpose the opportunity to recruit new members through a different matchmaking algorithm.

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