The World's most advanced plant monitoring system

PowerPlants: Here to help the world GROW into a more healthy, nutrient oriented place. By using efficient object-oriented software, and elegant class hierarchies, we have combined powerful cloud based technology and specialized IOT-enabled sensor hardware to solve an everyday problem.

PowerPlants is an app that enables everyone to take care of their favorite house members, the perfect household companions, their lovely plants. Our first hardware product is known as “the PowerSeed”, based on the Light Blue Bean, it uses sensors and a compatible hydrometer to detect soil moisture and ambient room temperatures. This not only enables the user to provide the best possible care for their plant(s), but also enables the world’s first wireless houseplant analytics platform. Backed by data compiled by our skilled plant analysts of over 230 plant types, the alerts and gauges throughout the app are tailored to each individual plant to ensure the best possible in-app advice. Our real-time low-energy Bluetooth technology will alert you to water your plant when it lacks sufficient hydration. It will even help you prevent overwatering. Never again will you unintentionally neglect your plant.

It is important to maintain optimal temperature and moisture for your plant(s). For this reason, PowerPlants has developed the hardware and software to provide you with the technology you need in order to take proper care of your plants and to help our world flourish and grow.

In the future we hope to expand our add-on marketplace to include automated sprinklers, drip hoses, and more.

Join us on our journey as we make the world a better place worldwide.

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