Suicide is the third leading cause of death in teenagers. Most of the time, suicide cases are because of untreated mental health problems, which could've been attended successfully with medical help. However, going for personal medical help might be difficult, since it requires you to be public about suicidal thoughts, which might be difficult for some people.

This is why we created PowerLine. We use AI to recommend anonymous helplines based on the user's location, and we've created an anonymous website for suicidal users to communicate their thoughts to specialized medics to prevent these suicide cases.

What it does❓

PowerLine is an anonymous app for suicide case prevention. We connect patients to professional medics/psychiatrists to give them advice on anything that has been going on in their lives, be it happy or sad. After that, we check for any suicidal thoughts using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing with a custom API to recommend local, anonymous helplines for the user in case it's extreme.

Talking is the best advice for suicide prevention, and we made it our main focus with PowerLine. We supply both professional medical advice and local helplines to let the user know they're not alone.

How we built it🏗️

We used the best modern technologies/frameworks to create a scalable and efficient app. Our technology stack is based on:

  • Next.js and React for a beautiful, fast, and easy-to-use UI. We also use useSWR to automatically update the medic's dashboard to respond to users as fast as comfortably possible.
  • FastAPI and PyTorch for our custom helpline recommendation and sentiment classification API
  • Auth0 for an easy to implement, passwordless authentication architecture with role management for medics and users.
  • Mailgun for the user to get their medical advice discreetly.

Challenges we ran into🚧

Our biggest challenge was implementing role management for our app. We had planned for a lot of time a way to implement this, but we were fortunate enough to discover Auth0's API, which resolved this issue in a very easy way for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of✅

We're proud we worked seamlessly with various new technologies we often wondered about implementing. We're also very proud we managed to create a platform that's fully functional without any hardcoding involved.

What we learned🙋‍♂️

Our development in this hackathon was really learning-based. Things we learned include:

  • How to use Auth0 for role management inside a web application and authentication.
  • How to implement transformer neural networks in a backend environment.
  • How to accelerate inference in a remote API with FastAPI.
  • How to deploy and host APIs on any machine with Docker.
  • How to use sockets for automatic application database updating with useSWR.

What's next for PowerLine💭

We're planning on adding a verification system for the psychiatrists to reassure the users they're receiving professional help. We're also planning on adding another service similar to this one but for symptom and illness prediction with medical help.

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