The idea behind the design is to make it look as elegant as possible using the languages I know.

What it does

The name of the gym is Powerhouse and I wish to attract customers with my website. The navigation bar consists of home, about, activities, plans, trainers and contact. ‘About’ gives details of the gym, it working-hours and the location of its branches. Activities consists of various workout exercises. ‘Plans’ gives details of all the monthly, half-yearly and yearly plans including combo offers. The ‘trainers’ section gives an insight of all our highly certified trainers and their specialization. And finally, ‘contact’ has our social media handles. The website also consists of testimonials given by our customers, our well-curated spotify workout playlist and a monthly challenge open to everybody.

How I built it

Once I finished making the prototype, i was following it.

Challenges I ran into

Less time

Accomplishments that I am proud of

The website almost came out as designed in the prototype.

What's next for PowerHouse

To make it more responsive and implementing certain back-end elements

Built With

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