We all have been using Google Docs to collaborate, we wanted to bring the most authentic whiteboard experience for all users on the go. Powerboard takes the online whiteboard to the next level and provides users with functions and features which are extremely useful in real life while having a simple yet a highly functional UI. We believe that "true real-time" experience of a whiteboard has finally been done right.

What it does

///Connects multiple users on the network to use and contribute to Powerboard in real-time

///Handwriting to text conversion for taking down personal notes while working on Powerboard

///Draw a math formula/equation on Powerboard and it will try to solve it in real-time

///Convert math formula/equations from Powerboard to LaTeX

///Multiple marker colours for better highlighting and differentiating between users content

///Various marker thickness/weights available to emphasize important points

///Save your Powerboard sessions and continue where you left off'


How we built it

Built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VueJS,, myscript, mathpix

Challenges we ran into

Communicating the drawing events between the various clients - solved using Having a simple UI which looks clean yet powerful at the same time - thanks to VueJS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Happy that we made something which has real-life application and it is definitely something that we would use personally as well.

What we learned

using VueJS and in conjunction for real-time communication.

a little insight on how we can build a product which would have real-application

how the human body behaves when it doesn't get enough sleep

Barcelona is beautiful, like seriously.

What's next for powerboard

Adding live chat features: text, audio, video

Being able to watch YouTube videos in sync

Auto plot graph for equations drawn on Powerboard

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