Every year millions of kilowatts of energy are wasted by lights and lighting systems. Because of this more energy is produced and wasted as a result.

What it does

What we've done is create a system the not only uses existed energy that is wasted but tracks all of the renewable energy and credits your account. We track various devices on your account to view the amount of savings for all the energy you help save. At the end, you can transfer your savings to Bitcoin. It's that easy.

How I built it

We built a VueJS website, React User Portal, API, and Ardunio interacting with a server to transmit the latest data. We also integrated Bitcoin Wallet with Twilio for notifications on your savings.

Challenges I ran into

VueJS crashed several times. GCP have deployment errors. Twilio wasn't sending texts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Most of it works

What I learned

What's next for Power My Tech

Don't know

Built With

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