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As a marketer at Wayfair, I want to track the activity of our most tech-savvy users on the site so that I can increase their engagement and conversion via marketing e-mail campaigns in real-time.


By leveraging powerful existing real-time technologies--Scribe Tracking and Graymatter Notifications--this project creates an opportunity for an entire new category of power-user-focused marketing-campaigns. By tracking and reengaging customers interested in existing advanced features, this project increases the value of existing Storefront functionality.

The Vision

Wayfair.com doesn't require technological prowess from shoppers, but it does offer a number of cool features: Visual Search, View in Room, Social Share on Twitter or Pinterest, and a world-class App--to name a few. Currently, we have limited insight into which users are enthusiastic about these "tech-savvy" features. The goal of this project is to remedy that situation: by creating a suite of a Scribe events and a Graymatter notifications campaign, we have developed a way to identify power-users, increase their conversion-rates, and foster their engagement with other other cool features on site. Because the project is focused on a) increasing the value of existing functionality and b) leveraging powerful Wayfair technologies, we believe the potential ROI can be extremely high: with relatively little additional engineering work, a robust version 1 of this project can be profitable with weeks.

The Proof of Concept

For this POC, we've created 2 Scribe events--SocialShareEvent and VisualSearchEvent, which together power e-mails to customers who may be interested in using other tech-savvy features. This fosters both engagement with the site and its features in general and with the products in which the user is already interested. The hypothesis is that this will increase not only short-term conversion, but also long-term customer value.

What's next for Power User Targeting and Engagement

Step 1: Deploy the prototype to production and monitor the new e-mail campaign Step 2: A robust Version 1 of this project would require only a small amount of engineering time--well under a week. This will involve creating 1-3 more Scribe events, fine-tuning the logic for when to send an e-mail to power-users, and perfecting the e-mails themselves. Step 3: This project creates the opportunity for a large number of e-mail and notifications-based marketing campaigns. If a user has an ad blocker enabled, does that mean she is a power-user? If she is browsing on and iPhone X, does that mean she is a power-user? Incorporating next-level logic based on "passive" characteristics may complement the "active" activity in Scribe events, thus allowing marketers to target prospective power-users.

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