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Business model canvas

What is E2U?

E2U - Energy to You (available at https://www.bvgcollective.com/power-to-the-people) is an intelligent energy management system built to allow residential and commercial customers to purchase energy directly from the wholesale market. Analysis of real time spot price data from the Australian Energy Market Operator allows E2U to determine when is the most economical time to buy energy from the grid to store in consumer battery systems, when it is more economical to use stored energy, and when it is most profitable to sell stored energy back to the grid. E2U allows the consumer to set an acceptable cost for their own energy demands, and manage their energy usage to optimise their power consumption and battery use, maximising the life of their investments and saving on costs.

Who is E2U for?

E2U is aimed at energy consumers currently paying too much for electricity that is onsold by resellers, at anyone who wants to take control of their energy use and spending, and anyone with an interest in promoting grid stability for a less volatile energy market that places less demand on primary power sources such as current plants, creating a more stable energy grid and lowering costs for all consumers.

E2U offers a platform to promote grid stability by allowing prosumers to optimise their own use in times of high demand, and sell their stored energy back to the grid, which would place less demand on the grid in peak times and create less instability of supply. By offering a platform where consumers can share electricity, E2U would facilitate the creation of a distributed generator, allowing communities to bring utility to the grid as an aggregated generator while reducing demand at times when primary sources are unable to maintain supply.

Where does E2U go?

The E2U system provides radically open data on anonymised, localised energy demand in order to allow stakeholders to predict power grid demands by using intelligent systems to analyse energy usage and demands. E2U will adapt to home and aggregate usage profiles with machine learning and provide open information on energy consumption and providers to optimise and stabilise demand on the grid, creating a more efficient and effective power grid.

Who Are We?

Our Team:

  • Anthony Broese van Groenou: Ideas, design, video, web.
  • Rosalind Fulton: R, Python, ridiculously aesthetic graphs.
  • Nicole Lawrence: A bit of everything, design, team manager/mascot.
  • Steven Lawrence: C#.net, developer, programmer.
  • Simon Mathews: Design, layout, business model.
  • Suranga De Silva: Web application developer.

Read our business model canvas here or see our live demos.

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