The responsibility of following and influencing policy is tough. On one hand, it is difficult to quickly gather policy and political information without bias from mass media networks. On the other hand, we realized that it would take an incredible personal time commitment to follow every small detail of the activities of our Congress and our representatives. Policy and politics has not had the chance to utilize the incredible amount of data from individual users, and it is easy to feel that one's personal opinions are lost in the overall process.

*Power Polls aim to empower users by providing the knowledge necessary to independently navigate the current political landscape, while allowing users to share their opinions of the individual issues that make policies and politicians. *


  • Natural Language Processing used to condense original House and Senate Legislation into individual issues.
  • Users are able to vote on the individual issues that are addressed in each piece of legislation. This information can be shared and viewed anonymously. This data can be used to understand the consistency between a legislator's representation and the people's ideals
  • Trending bills can be easily seen
  • Visualizations to understand the impact of policy and the priorities of policymakers(Heatmaps for trending bills, Sankey charts for individual politicians, Bill breakdowns by party)
  • View information on each politician, including Twitter, Facebook, and Personal Websites

Technologies/Methods Used

  • Azure CosmosDB
  • AWS Lambda and EC2, Simple Queueing Service
  • d3.js
  • Python
  • Lexrank Algorithm for Extractive Summarization
  • ElasticSearch
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