Turn off anything in the room

** POWER OFF ** is the ultimate tool for your Samsung Gear 2 to take final control of any IR-controlled appliance. It performs one function - the last action you'll ever need: turning off anything.

POWER OFF works with 99% of the most popular devices on the market:

  • TVs
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Air Conditioners and Heaters
  • Audio/Video Systems, DVD Players, BluRay players
  • Gaming systems and Media Managers
  • Projectors
  • ... and many others

Were you ever at a bar where the TV was too loud? Or maybe in bed, with the remote nowhere in sight? All you need is the free POWER OFF app for your Samsung smart watch, and you can turn them off. How about showing off your watch to your friends? Simply turn off all their home equipment at once with the mighty power of your watch!

If you've ever heard of TV-B-Gone, think of POWER OFF for your Gear 2 as a version of that, on steroids. This isn't limited to just TVs, but works with any other device too!

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