One of our team members was 318 lbs (40+% Body Fat) 9 months ago. One of his tactics of getting down to 226lbs (22% Body Fat ) was scheduling his weight loss with Journey Binder and being Trained in Boxing. He was #blessed to join the Floyd Mayweather family of gyms in LA where he started shedding 3-4 lbs a week. Unfortunately, he was not able to find the same level of experience when he traveled on business trips or visited family members out of town.

Being a hacker he was propelled to build a product that he could not only use but what he deemed would be helpful to many people who want to get to the NEXT LEVEL of a Boxing Experience.

What it does

Power Jab is the first and only spatial computing boxing experience. It is not a game but actually legitimate training that can help even the most experienced boxer with their formations. After putting on the Magic Leap Goggles and Heart Watch monitor, you are transformed to your existing world enhanced with a Blue Trainer Boxer who will Battle you and get you in the Best Shape of Your LIfe. You physically see the trainer in front of you and are allowed to jab directly at him (because he is actually a magical Boxing Bag transformed into a being). It is a tactile sport of hits where your jabs are real and your damage is not. At the same time your heart beat and calories are calculated in real time.

How we built it

We started with extensive planning and training (coding and boxing) two days before the Hack-A-Thon. We even took PTO to do some ramping up on Unity. At the Hack-A-Thon we were able to touch software that we had never seen before. Bishal had his very first experience with Unity (and C#) and Savalas finally wrote an app in SWIFT (he's an old iOS guy). We also had our first experience with IBM Cloud Functions and Sequences.

Challenges we ran into

Since these tools were new to us we had a whole lot to learn. We are certain that the sponsors have heard enough of our questions and have seen enough our slack regarding getting things done. At one point, our Blue Trainer floated on the ceiling and we could not get him down. During a majority of the hack, were not able to receive biofeedback. This drove us nuts because we were sure that we were doing the right thing. It took a lot of work to go from concept to an actual product that we love. We had to tweak and tweak the hand gestures. We had to be honest and decide which technologies we could display and which was not quite ready. We adjusted the hits/jabs over an over again. We powered through the sound. We were determined to get to the training environment that we desired but had many roadblocks

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to get the Blue Trainer off the ceiling at 1:13AM and was then able to move him around. The back end server broke on us 3 times (due to bugs) and we fixed them immediately. At the 11th hour we were actually able to get to one of our wish items done. And Bishal (Savalas is writing this) honestly impressed me with his coding skills of working under extreme pressure and only 1 hour of meditation (an no sleep). He is my colleague at work and I have learned a lot from this experience. Namely, this is first time he has worked in Unity- His first shot at game development- and he had never learned C#. Colliders were not in our corner (Bishal had never heard of them) but now they are our friends

What we learned

Unity Some Swift the LumenOS (Magic Leap)- the extreme power of it The amazing power of IBM Functions and Sequences

What's next for Power Jab

A Lot..... Major Polish More Tweaks More Combinations (Jabs, Jab Crosses, etc) More Songs Additional Trainers to Choose with their own style Trainers will hit you back Sponsored Branding of Boxing Ring Additional IOT Sensors for Breathing and Weighing Live Speech Celebrity Training (e.g Floyd Mayweather)

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