Power Hour Buddy

By Brian Arthur, Luca Trombetta, Anthony Reyes, Jarrett Roantree

At QHacks 2021

Quickly construct a custom power hour video connecting to your Spotify account. Perfect to get any Friday or Saturday night started.

Goal of this work

To build a playlist connected with Spotify and quickly produce a custom power hour video.

Power hour video is compilation of music videos played for one-minute, followed by everyone taking a shot of beer.


We used the Spotify and Youtube APIs to create playlists and fecth Youtube URLs for the song music video.

We used React and Material-UI to build our responsive web app.

We used Flask to host the web app and serve an API to generate Spotify playlists and fetch Youtube URLs.

How to Use the App

Hosted with Heroku at Power Hour Buddy

Navigate to the website and authenticate your Spotify account.

Play Power Hour Video from

  • Custom created playlist
  • Existing personal Spotify playlist

Create a custom playlist with

  • Featured songs
  • Searching by song or artist
  • Top personal songs from Spotify
  • Existing personal Spotify playlists
  • Top songs by genre
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