Power Glove 2.0 is an affordable and customizable virtual reality system, focused on finger and hand movement interaction with the computer. To be honest, this idea came up as I tried to think of an Mechanical Engineering project to start at an otherwise Computer Science hackathon. I was not expecting MHacks to be so CS-based, so I made the most of my knowledge and developed mechanical hardware to be used with CS systems. Target users are gamers searching for cheaper and reliable virtual reality hardware and independent developers seeking to draw more utility from modular hardware. Perhaps the key feature that I am most proud of in this hack is the sheer "jerry-rigged" nature of this hardware; the product was literally made from stuff lying around the MHacks hall and functions admirably in spite of that fact. Power Glove 2.0 still has a long way to go before even being a presentable piece of hardware, but with continued improvement and development I feel that being able to afford virtual reality hardware will be within our grasps.

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