I have always wondered why menstrual tracking apps were so cumbersome and so detailed. Lately, I have been thinking this must be because they want to use the data for something. In February a popular app was caught leaking cycle events to Facebook through analytics.

This got me thinking, what would I need to learn to be able to create a privacy-first menstrual tracker. This led to me submitting a talk proposal on this topic that was accepted by several conferences.

A couple of weeks ago when doing research for my talk I came over the Blockstack "Can't be evil" competition. In a major fit of talk procastination, I decided to start creating the tracker I want for myself and my friends.

A tracker that lets you take charge of your menstrual cycle.

The user interface has been a challenge. I need it to be super simple, but also super flexible. I landed on using a free text field with support for hashtags. The tags will be used by POW! to predict what a user normally tags on any given day in their cycle. I want a user to quickly get an answer to "Am I feeling hopeless today because of my pesky hormones? Or do I need to figure out what's up?". In addition to being able to look what's in store for future dates to be able to prepare better and be in charge.

In the future, I would like to give the users knowledge about the latest research in addition to letting them analyze their tags to see for themselves if there are any important trends.

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