What is Poverty Explorer?

It is a mapping application which facilitates searching for poverty-stricken communities across the USA. It enables decision makers, NGOs, local authorities and even individuals to visually depict areas with high poverty level and correlate it with education and unemployment indices. Furthermore, it allows to filter US tracts which meet specific criteria of these indicators. Last, but not least, application users can further explore key-indicators for custom areas related to poverty, unemployment and crime.

How does it contribute to a sustainable future?

Poverty eradication is listed on the first place in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations in 2015. The application allows to better understand spatial distribution of poverty in the USA in a great details - to Census track. Consequently, end-users are now capable to target communities in a real need in order to wipe out poverty by providing food/financial support and launch educational programs to reduce inequalities in the society.

ArcGIS Data/Services/APIs/Analytics

1) Esri-curated data/layers/services:

2) Services/Spatial Analysis

  • Data visualization
  • Geocoding (Search widget)
  • Buffering (GeometryEngine)
  • Service Area (Routing service)
  • GeoEnrichment
  • Query (attribute and geometry based)

3) Libraries

  • ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.20
  • HTML/JavaScript/CSS

Github repo: https://github.com/nita14/nita14.github.com/tree/master/Poverty

Once you navigate to the application, you are prompted to log in to your ArcGIS.com/Developers.ArcGIS.com account. Poverty Explorer application consumes your credits ($) for some features. Unfortunately, API_KEY could not be used as it does not work well with publicly shared ArcGIS Server REST services.

Built With

  • arcgis-api-for-javascript
  • arcgis-rest-js
  • arcgis-server-services
  • esri
  • geocoding
  • geoenrichment
  • javascript
  • rest
  • routing-services
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