We started the LAUNCH Hackathon with a seemingly simple goal: help consumers discover new beers in their area. We started by designing a consumer app, backed by an extensive, functional API. By using a person’s tastes and interests, we found we could build a “taste profile” to help them narrow in on interesting, new beers to try.

As we worked through the weekend, we built a complete database and API of beers and businesses. At the same time, we designed an attractive and easy-to-use application for consumers to discover and find beer in their area...

...but we kept coming back to something: finding beers nearby would require businesses to keep their beer lists up-to-date. Whereas before we assumed we would do this manually or through some “other means”, we found ourselves asking: what would be the value-add for businesses to do this beyond just a consumer application presence? What have we learned that we can apply?

That’s when we realized: we could use the same profiling methods on restaurants, bars and retail establishments. By turning the algorithm inward, profiling the taps, food, intended ambiance and other factors, we could help a business discover beers as well.

This revelation has brought us to an incredibly powerful platform we call “Pour Me a Beer”.


  • We can provide a transparency to the market well beyond what distributors are willing to provide... even beyond what consumers are wanting or buying.
  • We can suggest beers you should be serving in your business based on what is currently served and other information, thus providing diversity for your tap handles.
  • Provide scripts and widgets for your website to show consumers what you have to offer, as well as share via Facebook & Twitter.
  • Provide a powerful platform to easily stay up-to-date with the market.


  • We can provide the location of beer nearby on tap, in bottle, or in can at a retail establishment or a bar, restaurant, or any location selling beer.
  • We can recommend (very similar to Pandora for music) beers based on a Taste Profile that a consumer builds, and continues to grow, through using the app.
  • We can help a consumer share the beers they are drinking and exploring via social media and with their friends.
  • We can offer exclusivity opportunities for usage of the app.
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