Weihao Huang Eric Ganshaw ESE 190 - Final Project Spring 2018

Pouring Machine

The first sub-assembly would be the water tank. We will CAD and laser cut acrylic pieces that fit into a rectangular shape to hold the water. Water sealing tape will be used to reinforce the structure so no water comes out. A square hole will be out on one of the sides where a rectangular tube will be connected to the hole to allow water to flow out. This water tank sub-assembly will sit on top of a pressure sensor to determine how much water is left inside the water tank. Using WiFi to send this data back to our phones, through email, it will tell us whether we need to refill the tank or not.
Parts needed:

WiFi module Pressure sensor (flat ones) Arduino Water sealing tape

The second sub-assembly is the rectangular tube and the valve. The valve will be controllable and let water flow out or not depending on our conditions. 
Parts needed:

Metallic valve

The final sub-assembly will be the pressure sensor on the platform on which a cup will sit. The pressure sensor will feed data back into the Arduino and tell the servo when to rotate back to stop the water from flowing out anymore.

Parts needed: Pressure Sensor

Goals April 3rd - Finish water tank assembly - Finish Arduino codes for controlling pressure sensors and sending them through WiFi

April 17th - Finish tube and platform assembly - Finish servo movement control code and circuitry.

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